Fujifilm publish pregnancy and radiation poster in collaboration with SCoR

Making patients aware of IR(ME)R requirements

Published: 17 August 2020 Ultrasound

A public health information poster has been developed by a CoRIPS* partner with support from the Society and College.

Fujifilm developed the resource to be displayed in waiting areas and patient consulting rooms to raise awareness of the effects of ionising radiation amongst individuals capable of childbearing.

Fujifilm approached SCoR following requests from their customer base to provide an up to date poster reflecting the requirements of the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations (IR(ME)R) 2017 (2018 in Northern Ireland).

The regulations (schedule 2) require employers to have a written procedure for making enquiries of individuals of childbearing potential to establish whether the individual is or may be pregnant or breastfeeding. There is also a requirement (regulation 6.(8)) for the employer to take measures to raise awareness of the effects of ionising radiation amongst individuals.

The poster is designed to reflect the diversity of the gender spectrum and respect the needs of all pregnant people. It includes translations of many of the commonly spoken languages in the UK. There is scope for services to provide further translations that may be required locally and to display these alongside the poster.

Fujifilm will distribute hard copies of the posters to all UK imaging departments on request. Please email or go to the on-line form.

The poster may be downloaded from the Fujifilm website, or from the SCoR document library.

“There is a long tradition of industry partners providing helpful patient information for x-ray and radiotherapy departments," Richard Evans, the Society's chief executive officer, said.

"It is great that Fujifilm are continuing to demonstrate commitment to patient safety in this way. This is in addition to the company’s longstanding support for radiography research through CoRIPS.*”

Adrian Waller, general manager of Fujifilm Medical Systems UK, commented, “Patient safety is a key priority for Fujifilm, and we realised there was a demand for this specific and important information to be clearly displayed in radiology waiting rooms. 

"We’re grateful to the Society for their advice on the design and also for providing the 12 translations which we hope will make the message widely accessible to the majority of patients.”

* College of Radiographers Industry Partnership Scheme