Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month #MUAM2020 round up

A reflection on the past month ending with painting and baking challenges

Published: 30 October 2020 Ultrasound

It’s been a wet and windy end to Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month, but that has not stopped people from around the globe celebrating the skills, experience and dedication of sonographers. Busy SoR sonographer members have taken time out to share their experiences, challenges and learning from their role and/or working during the pandemic. We’ve had an insight into the roles of managers, students, educationalists, clinical educators, researchers and a Doula. We’ve learnt how teams can work together to effectively improve the service, patient care, student experience and staff development. I hope you’ve all had time to look at the articles, but if not they will be available on the website. They’re a great way to evidence learning and add your reflections to your CPD portfolio.

The judging of the create off / bake off will take place over the weekend. There is still time to add your creations for #MUAM, just tweet a photo and add the hashtags #MUAM2020 #iamasonographer and @SCoRMembers.

To end the celebrations of all things ultrasound we have a blog on how to paint a bat, dedicated to all sonographers and radiographers, by my ‘old’ school friend and artist Rachel Toll. This is to say thank you to the tireless efforts of all radiographers and sonographers to provide high quality, safe, effective patient care under extremely difficult circumstances. If anyone wants to try this it’s a great way to take some time out and look after your well-being. @SCoRMembers would love to see the outcome on any of our social media sites.

You can find Rachel on twitter as @Elidanza, Watercolours by Rachel on Facebook and watercoloursbyrachel on Instagram

Image: ©Rachel Toll