Join us this month in celebrating the role of sonography in patient care

2023 marks our sixth year celebrating Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month (MUAM)

Published: 02 October 2023 Ultrasound

Since 2018, we’ve dedicated the month of October to Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month (MUAM). This is an initiative that aims to raise the profile of sonographers – the experts in ultrasound scanning, interpretation, and diagnosis.

Sonographers are highly skilled, and they work across a wide range of areas from pregnancy scanning to abdominal, cardiology and gynaecology, veins and arteries, muscles and tendons, lumps and bumps and so much more. Most sonographers scan humans, but some scan animals too.

The Ultrasound Advisory Group, first championed for MUAM to take place in the UK six years ago. They play a key role in steering the strategic direction of the profession and advise on ways to improve ultrasound services and education of practitioners. #SoRUAG will be celebrating all things ultrasound across our social channels throughout October, be sure to follow us @scormembers to get involved.