New guidance: Competencies for ultrasound practice in private baby scan clinics

Just in time for #MUAM, this guidance covers the competencies needed for both diagnostic and souvenir scans.

Published: 31 October 2022 Ultrasound

The Society of Radiographers has published new guidance covering which competencies are needed to carry out diagnostic and souvenir scans. 

Why the guidance is needed

There are a number of providers offering private ultrasound scans in pregnancy. Some of these are for diagnostic purposes, whilst others are to provide additional opportunities to see the fetus, have 2D and 3D images and/or videos and to provide an opinion on the sex of the baby.

The competencies outlined in this document are the minimum expected level of competency that the SoR would expect for staff providing ultrasound examinations, to ensure the safety of women and pregnant people and their unborn children.

What the guidance covers

The competencies are available for both diagnostic and souvenir scans. They cover a wide range of competencies required to perform the role safely, depending on the type and level of examination carried out.

Sections include: 

  • equipment
  • quality management and safety
  • quality assurance and learning
  • early pregnancy
  • first, second and third trimester ultrasound examinations.

Read the guidance

To read the guidance, please visit the SoR Document Library