Society of Radiographers urges members to take part in ultrasound international recruitment survey 

Fill out this short survey to help identify key topics

Published: 10 November 2023 Ultrasound

As part of our commitment to facilitating and improving recruitment of internationally trained ultrasound practitioners and those without a UK CASE-accredited qualification, we would like to investigate your experiences of recruitment from these groups, successfully or unsuccessfully.

Also, for those departments who have never tried to recruit internationally trained practitioners or those without CASE-accredited qualifications, we’d still like to find out the reasons why.

Your responses will help us identify key topics as we prepare to develop supporting material for clinical departments, in collaboration with NHSE and CASE, which may assist internationally trained ultrasound practitioners and those with alternative qualifications.  Our aim is to provide guidance, structure and a unified approach to recruitment and career progression opportunities for these healthcare professionals entering the NHS.

We will keep all responses anonymous. Collated anonymous responses may be presented and/or published. 
The questionnaire should take less than 20 minutes depending on how many attempts you have had at recruiting from these groups. 

Find the survey here:

Survey will run from Fri 10th Nov until 31st Dec 2023