SoR poster tackles abuse of staff during obstetric scans

Download the poster now for your sonography department

Published: 27 May 2021 Ultrasound

Based on feedback from sonographer members, the SoR has developed a poster to be displayed in obstetric ultrasound waiting rooms.

Members can send an electronic copy with booking information in advance of an appointment. This will ensure parents are aware of the policies.

Further considerations:

  • Local policies must be in place, along with
  • risk assessments, to provide a safe and supportive environment for patients, staff and other service users.
  • Clear guidance should be provided for managing noncompliance.
  • All staff should follow the same local policy to avoid complaints about disparities.

If your local policy allows a mask-exempt support person to attend obstetric scans, it would be advisable to provide information about contacting the department in advance to enable suitable arrangements to be made for the safety of all. This might include mitigations, as per risk assessment, such as the pregnant person being scanned with their support person in the largest room with the best ventilation/air changes per hour and with the use of an FFP3 mask for staff.

Any acts of verbal, physical or social media abuse and non-compliance should be reported on the risk register so trust management and NHSEI can gain a better understanding of the challenges staff face.
Also report any abuse to the police, if applicable.
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