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Want to join a new qualitative research SIG?

11 March, 2019

Are you interested in being involved in a specialist interest group to support and widen the range of research methods, especially qualitative, used in imaging and radiotherapy?

As individual researchers, Jane Harvey-Lloyd, Gareth Hill, Louise McKnight and Tracy O’Regan, have all championed and implemented the use of creative qualitative research methods in their doctoral level research.

With a lot of debate surrounding whether radiography practices are art, science or a combination of both, there is the potential for an art-science dichotomy to have a major influence on how the research that we undertake is planned, perceived, received and applied by the profession.

Jane, Gareth, Louise and Tracey would like to encourage clinical imaging and radiotherapy colleagues to explore and learn together; to champion qualitative approaches, take a holistic approach and ultimately improve services for patients

They are especially keen to ensure the whole spectrum of staff who work in clinical imaging and radiotherapy are included; students, assistant practitioners and those working in clinical practice, industry and academia.

It is intended that, in the future, the newly-formed specialist interest group will produce their own resources and take part in study events. 

If you have background experience of using qualitative research methods, wish to develop a piece of qualitative research in the future, or are simply someone who is interested and would like to find out more information, please contact Dr Jane Harvey-Lloyd.

A quote from Albert Einstein resonates with the intentions of developing this specialist interest group, “Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.”

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