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What does the College Board of Trustees do?

14 November, 2017
The College Board of Trustees
Left to right: Stephen Davies, Julie Jones, Sheila Hassan, Karen Smith, Alison Vinall, Gill Hodges, Chris Kalinka, Derek Adrian-Harris, Sue Webb, Steve Herring, Sandie Mathers, Charles McCaffrey. Not present: Ian Wolstencroft and Gareth Thomas.

As one of the most influential and highly regarded radiography organisations in the world, the College of Radiographers’ (CoR) is committed to promote imaging and radiotherapy science and practice for all. However, its core mission is to benefit the public.

The College Board of Trustees (CBoT) oversees the work and governance of the College. It is comprised of 14 trustees from diverse professional backgrounds, including finance, business, education, legal and scientific. Several members are also drawn from UK Council, the governing board for the Society of Radiographers.

Trustees must ensure that the College operates to the highest standards of governance, that it’s financially solvent and wisely reinvests any surplus funds - the College is not allowed to make a profit. These
surplus funds are invested into a wide range of activities and services, including awards, educational activities and events, accreditation and research.

Sandie Mathers, an SCoR past president, was recently appointed chair of the College Board of Trustees, following the retirement of Professor Pat Williams.

Sandie said, "The work of the board has undergone a number of operational changes, including the development of our own strategy. To carry this out, I am working with the trustees to identify what is important to the board to fulfil our aims and objectives.”

Commenting on her time in office, Pat Williams said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time in office, particularly my second term, where we were able to implement some of our strategic objectives. I encouraged CPD for trustees, supported their ideas and implemented changes in the overall operation of the board with the help of the trustees.”

The Impact Report
“As a charity, there is an expectation that we will develop and publish an Impact Report to reflect and demonstrate the outcomes of the work carried out in the name of the charity, with specific reference to the impact to the public”,  Sandie said.

“We as trustees have decided that to do that we will evaluate the work carried out within the timeframe of the current strategy, with particular reference to the advanced role of radiographers, both diagnostic and therapeutic and the impact of their new role on patient care and patient pathways.

"We have been asking radiographers if they have been inspired by a College Board of Radiographers’ publication, training course, conference, accreditation, grant or prize. The Impact Report will be published next year." 

The evidence provided will focus on changes since 2015 that members of the radiographic workforce, students and educators have made, supported by the College, and the subsequent impact on patients or other benefits to the public.

Council Nominated Trustees are Sheila Hassan, Steve Herring, Gareth Thomas, Karen Smith, Chris Kalinka, Gill Hodges and Sue Webb. They communicate information and views relating to the Society and the
membership, disciplines, professions and practices of the Society and its members relevant to the business of the board.

The Appointed Trustees are Sandie Mathers (Chairperson), Derek Adrian-Harris, Charles McCaffrey, Ian Wolstencroft, Alison Vinall, Stephen Davies and Julie Jones.

The president of the Society, Gareth Thomas, is also president of the College and is a trustee during the presidential year.

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