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X-ray image helps to launch Edinburgh Science Festival

8 February, 2012
x-ray of stiletto
Stiletto (femme-fatale): 1998 Hugh Turvey, Xogram hand coloured

High Turvey, Artist in Residence at the British Institute of Radiology, has seen one of his colourful x-ray images form part of the exhibition to launch the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

This year’s theme is ‘InMotion’ to celebrate the Olympic year and Creative Scotland 2012 with the science of human movement and performance in relation to sport, technology and dance.

Hugh’s image of a woman’s foot squeezed into a six-inch stiletto demonstrates the extremes under which some women put their feet and which can ultimately lead to musculo-skeletal problems.

Hugh uses a technique whereby he makes multiple x-ray exposures of an object which are then digitally combined and colourised. He developed this to help to ‘demystify’ radiography for patients.

The photo, currently located at the doorstep of Harvey Nichols, is one of 52 images which will form part of the Invisible Worlds display in St Andrew Square in the run-up to the 24th Science Festival this April.

The aim of the free exhibition is to reveal the world of the macro and the minuscule, which will allow us to think about the world in new ways. Other images include a close-up of an Adonis Blue butterfly egg and the last moments of the explosion of a supernova in deep space.

Science Festival Director Dr Simon Gage said: “Using cutting-edge imaging techniques, scientists and artists can reveal some strange and beautiful worlds.

“These wonderful images make you think twice about the very big and the incredibly small, the near and far.”

There are more than 200 events at this year’s festival, including an exclusive ‘in conversation’ with the psychological illusionist Derren Brown and psychologist and author Professor Richard Wiseman, while the BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory team will host experiments and hands-on workshops where children can dissect eyeballs.

Invisible Worlds is free and open daily from 8am to 6pm until 15 April 15. The Edinburgh International Science Festival runs from March 30 to April 15, click here for details.

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