CXR report template for acutely ill Covid-19 patients

Published: 20 April 2020 X-ray

A CXR report template has been created to assist radiographers with the most acutely ill patients suffering from coronavirus.

Developed by NHS England and the British Society of Thoracic Imaging, endorsed by the SCoR and the Royal College of Radiologists, the template is recommended to be used to:

  • Decrease effort for reporters
  • Support frontline clinicians
  • Support the analysis of the data contained within the reports at local and national level.

NHS England notes that there is no intention to mandate the use of the template, but healthcare professionals are encouraged to use it to assist in their efforts.  It covers clinical data items only.

“We are not seeking to influence the presentation of the final report information, and we understand that implementation of this template will vary between solutions, configurations and local preferences,” NHS England said.

“We anticipate that many RIS/PACS managers will be able to implement this template without the need for supplier assistance. However, the suppliers have also been provided with a copy of the template, so hopefully they will be able to assist you if needed.”

Download the report template. 

CXR report template for acutely ill Covid-19 patients