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Fellowship of the College of Radiographers

Fellowship of the College of Radiographers (FCR)


The Fellowship of the College of Radiographers (FCR) is an honorary title, bestowed upon individuals who have made significant contribution to the radiographic profession. It was first awarded, in its present format, in 1978 following the establishment of The College of Radiographers as the charitable subsidiary of The Society of Radiographers.

The award of the FCR is regarded as an honour and privilege. Additionally, the individual receives complimentary life membership of The Society of Radiographers

Criteria for the FCR

The FCR is for outstanding contributions to the professions of radiography and to the advancement of The Society of Radiographers.

Normally a maximum of four FCR awards will be presented annually. This will include one award that will be reserved for the outgoing president of The Society of Radiographers (SoR).

Nominations for the FCR will be sought from members of The Society of Radiographers.


Nominees may be UK or overseas nationals. Their field of work may span all the imaging and therapy modalities and the wider spheres of commerce, industry and management. Their nomination may be based on past and/or recent achievements.

There will be no prerequisite for the nominee to be in current membership of The Society.

The selection of successful nominations will be carried out in accordance with The Society of Radiographers' equal opportunities policy.

Criteria for Selection

A nomination must be supported by a description of the nominee’s outstanding contribution, as recognised and acclaimed by his or her peers. Evidence of the nominee’s service to the radiography profession and the objects of The Society of Radiographers must be provided. Such contributions may encompass one or more of the following:

  • promotion of the science and practice of diagnostic imaging and/or radiotherapy and oncology for the benefit of the public; 
  • published work; 
  • trade union and industrial relations activities at all levels; 
  • contributions to the professional development and welfare of colleagues; 
  • contributions to educational developments within diagnostic imaging and/or radiotherapy; 
  • advocacy and ambassadorial roles within and outside the profession both nationally and internationally; 
  • any other appropriate contributions. 


Nominations must be in writing and must be supported by at least two members in good standing of The Society of Radiographers.

Evidence in support of the nomination must be submitted on a maximum of FOUR sides of A4 paper.

Submit your nomination here.


Nominations will be considered for the award of the FCR by the SCoR Awards Committee. They will make recommendations to the College Board of Trustees (CBoT).

Recipients will be notified in writing of the award. A notice of awardees will also be published in Synergy News.

Nominations for the award of the FCR should be forwarded to:

The Chief Executive Officer
The Society of Radiographers
207 Providence Square
Mill Street
London SE1 2EW

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