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Interventional Radiography Special Interest Group

Interventional Radiography Special Interest Group


The group is aimed at dedicated Interventional Radiographers across the United Kingdom and Ireland committed to promoting and advancing Interventional Radiography as a specialty, supporting best practice, collaborative working, identifying current challenges and sharing expertise.


• Inspire a patient centred approach.
• Promote best practice.
• Develop a collaborative community of specialist interventional radiographers.
• Identify current challenges.


• Establish an active forum.
• Research and development.
• Share relevant literature and expertise.
• Develop CPD opportunities.
• Encourage professional development.
• Promote advanced practitioner status.


• Membership of the Interventional Radiographer Special Interest Group will be free.
• The group will be self-funding. Individual members will be expected to cover their own expenses to attend any study days, conferences etc.
• The group will be registered as a Special Interest Group (SIG) on the SoR website.


Laura Richardson

Interventional Radiographer


IRSIG Online Discussion Forum:
If you’re not currently an IRSIG member – but would like to join our online google forum, please e-mail your name & place of work to:
This group can be used as a space to ask questions, find out information, offer topics for discussion and keep up to date with events related to Interventional Radiography.


Imaging and Therapy Practice articles related to interventional radiography


Open acess, Richard Hoddes, Feb 2018

Patient care transformed, Kristian Fairclough, Nov 2017

IVC Filter Removal, Marie Nixon, Aug 2017

Making the right call in the trauma unit, Stephan Green, Sherril Spencer, May 2017

Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis; An unusual cause of stroke, Helen Adamson, Gary Holdsworth, Sep 2016

Time to treat; The role of neurointervention in the treatment of acute ischaemic stroke: A case study, Samantha Dewhurst, June 2016

Understanding SIRT - A trans-catheter approach to treating non-resectable liver tumours, Marie Nixon, May 2016

The role of gadolinium-chelates in interventional radiology. An available alternative to iodinated contrast agents due to contraindications, Donna Haden, Emma Francis, Dr Briony Burns, Aug 2013

David Parker explains how his role has developed to include the treatment of peripheral arterial disease, David Parker, Jan 2010

Other Useful Resources

Improving Paediatric Interventional Radiology Services - An intercollegiate report , RCR, Sep 2010


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