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Nuclear medicine

atom modelThe Society of Radiographers, as the professional body for practitioners in medical imaging and radiation therapy, welcomes all nuclear medicine practitioners into membership, irrespective of their professional or educational background.

The Society has, for many years, acknowledged the complementary contribution made by radiographers and clinical technologists to nuclear medicine. Both hold equal status and are entitled to the same range of member benefits, as each has the same level of skills and knowledge.

The Society works with a range of stakeholders and partners to promote the highest standards of practice in nuclear medicine and to facilitate the professional development and career progression of nuclear medicine practitioners.

As well as developing working relationships with a range of external stakeholders, the Society is proactive in promoting practice and developing policy for nuclear medicine to ensure that the best interests of patients, services and practitioners are met. Much of the Society’s work in this area is done by the Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging  Advisory Group (NMMAG).

The Society feels strongly that investment and development in nuclear medicine services in the UK have been inadequate and that much work and resources are required to ensure that services such as PET/CT are as widely available as they should be.

The Society works at all levels to promote the development of quality services, maintaining the highest standards of clinical care and safety and delivered by appropriately educated and trained expert practitioners.

The officer responsible for nuclear medicine at the Society is Sue Johnson.


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