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xray controlled area signDiagnostic imaging has become more diverse and complex across all modalities, however 'x-ray' imaging remains at the core of imaging practice. This section of the website deals with imaging procedures that use ionising radiation and encompasses plain film imaging and fluoroscopy, both during diagnosis and interventions. It also addresses issues related to imaging performed both within and outside the main imaging department.

Specialist areas of practice will be added in due course. Some of those in development include; mammography, cardiac imaging and interventional radiology. 

The Clinical Imaging Board (CIB)

The Clinical Imaging Board (CIB) is the focus for joint work on the quality, safety and standards of imaging services for patients. It was set up in September 2013 and is chaired by Professor Stephen Keevil, President of IPEM. The board is a result of a collaboration between the three professional bodies which are active in medical imaging, namely, the Society and College of Radiographers, Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Royal College of Radiologists. The Board offers an authoritative voice for the professions and their memberships; and for the NHS, other service providers and commissioners, Governments, regulatory bodies and other professional groups across the UK.

Information on the Clinical Imaging Board can be found on IPEM website here.

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