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Eastern Region Plain Film Reporting Special Interest Group

For further information about the Special Interest Group please contact Lesley Steward or Sarah Ridgwell

Terms of Reference

Group Structure

Publicity Officer

Aims and Objectives

The purpose of the group is to provide a forum and network to:

  • Promote, support and develop professional education of plain film Reporting Radiographers at all stages of extended role practice.
  • Promote, support and development of career pathways/ advanced practice roles in plain film reporting.
  • Explore and discuss professional accreditation issues.
  • Explore and discuss medico-legal issues.
  • Discuss relevant national and professional publications and their impact.
  • Instigate review of, support and encourage professional publication.
  • Explore and discuss the development and enhancement of specialist knowledge and skills underpinning best and current practice.
  • Share information relating to equipment and procedures/protocols to encourage professional knowledge and development.
  • Provide a safe environment to explore reporting pitfalls and errors.
  • Develop and support CPD opportunities.
  • Share interesting cases.
  • Meet twice a year.

The Eastern Region Plain Film Reporting Radiographers Special Interest Group was established in July 2012, arising from the expressed need for peer support and recognition of the value of a regional platform to explore shared professional interest in development of current and future practice and professional education. 

A Special Interest Group (SIG) would provide a forum and network support to facilitate professional and educational opportunities specific to the needs and interests of plain film reporting radiographers. An SoR Eastern Region SIG readily identifies geographically the focus for that forum and network. 

No membership fee is anticipated at present.

Purpose of Group Structure Roles:

Chair: To arrange accommodation with suitable resources for meetings & to provide an agenda/speakers in accordance withexpressed views of the Group.

Secretary: To provide a record of meetings & to circulated the record to all members.
Treasurer: To record and safeguard any monies collected/payments made in relation to the Group’s activities and to report to the Group.
Publicity: to publicise/inform the activities and associated activities of the Group.



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