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  • Message from Richard Evans, CEO

    Dear Student Radiographer, 

    Welcome to profession of radiography and welcome to the Society of Radiographers. 

    We are the only professional body and trade union for everyone involved in radiography. We are proud of our heritage, and our achievements, and work tirelessly to provide our members with a wide range of excellent benefits and services, support, guidance and representation.

    One of our biggest priorities is supporting students through their studies and subsequent professional career. As well as bringing you the latest radiography news, we have many benefits of membership and services such as professional magazines and journals, online continuing development portfolio and access to an enormous amount of documents which will help with those your assignments. 

    You have made an excellent choice to become a radiographer, and it is certainly one of the best decisions I ever made. Joining the Society is also a choice for you and I know that becoming a member will make a huge difference to your studies. 

    We hope that, as a student, you will take full advantage of all that we offer and this section of the website is dedicated to you.

    The SoR will continue to be an essential part of your support, information and advocacy throughout your professional career. Radiography in the UK has developed as a profession in a way that is causing the definition of the radiography scope of practice to change and develop for colleagues all around the world. 

    On behalf of the Society of Radiographers, we wish you every success during your course and look forward to meeting you and enabling you to become actively involved with the profession. You are the future. We look forward to many years of your involvement and support.

    Kind Regards, 

    Richard Evans | CEO of the Society and College of Radiographers