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Our Professional Officers are here to provide guidance throughout your studies.

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In This Section

We have an interactive programme of talks that takes place across the duration of your course. Starting with a general induction to the Society in year one and cumulating in specialist presentations during your final year. 

While all events can be tailored to your cohorts needs, we do have some standard presentations as outlined below:

First year talk

Our first year SoR presentation introduces new student radiographers to the profession and the professional body, giving you a broad understanding of our role within the profession. 

We will explain the work we do in progressing the profession in terms of career development, education and research, as well as the support and advice that we can provide for students when required. We'll also go over our student membership package and the different ways you can get involved early on.

There will be many opportunities for you to network with fellow students, radiography professionals and industry partners. We love for our students to be at the forefront of our activities and you will be regularly encouraged to get involved and help shape the future of the profession. 

Continuing year discussion

The continuing year SoR presentation is undertaken in year 2 of a 3 year programme or year 2/3 in a 4 year programme. We build on your professional experience by discussing the hot topics currently affecting the health care environment and how we envisage this to look in the future, particularly for diagnostic imaging and therapeutic radiographers. We believe these conversations are particularly important due to the changing nature of health policy direction from the government. The talks are also used to interpret key issues which will affect our profession and discuss how they may change the working environment and conditions.

In addition, we present current work that the SoR is involved with to ensure that you are aware of changes that will be seen in the future. We will also highlight key advances across the two radiography disciplines, focusing on what developments are coming in terms of technology, treatments and techniques, for example. 

Finally we will go over some key benefits and services of our membership that are specifically useful during this phase of your training, such as the document library to access publications for your assignments and dissertations, the professional indemnity insurance for elective placements, attendance at conferences and events to add to CVs. 

Final year forum

The final year SoR presentation is intended to help you with the transition from student to regulated practitioner.

There are additional member benefits now available to you to support you throughout your professional career as a radiographer. We will explain how professional indemnity insurance (PII) differs when you are qualified and illustrate how essential this is for your protection. We can provide advice about continuing professional development (CPD) and will demonstrate the range of resources offered to support this when in full membership.

Additionally, we will discuss the current state of the healthcare environment and how this may affect you in your first job.

During these sessions we also encourage you to think about your personal career development aspirations, and start you thinking about your medium and long term career plan.


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