Student Forum Leadership Team 2020/21

The Student Representative Forum is an active group of students, representing both diagnostic and therapeutic radiography courses across the UK.

  • Chair

    Elise Woodbridge-Colella

    Elise is a final-year Therapeutic Radiography student at Hertfordshire university. She is passionate about improving AHP student experience, and through membership of the Council of Deans #150leaders 2020 cohort, she is involved in many exciting focus groups and talks, particularly about Covid-19's impact on training experience. Elise says ‘I am delighted to extend this by joining the forum, helping us enjoy the journey to excellence in care. I am looking forward to helping continue the forum's work!

    • Vice-Chair

      Charlotte Barker

      Charlotte is a final-year Diagnostic Radiography student studying at Bangor University. She became a student representative towards the end of 2019 as she is passionate about the student voice and helping other students. Charlotte did not pursue a Radiography career as a school leaver even though she knew that she wanted to be a Radiographer. Instead she worked in an administration role for the NHS where Charlotte was able to acquire communication skills that would be invaluable in her new role. She then began her journey to become a Diagnostic Radiographer and has not looked back since starting the course. ‘I enjoy every aspect of radiography and the challenges it brings’.

      • Secretary

        Chloe Altham

        Chloe is a final-year Diagnostic Radiography Student at Bangor University. She came into Radiography as a mature student, having worked for many years in a varied career that she enjoyed greatly. During this time, Chloe obtained a Law Degree, when working in the HR field, a role she enjoyed for over 10 years. After a long time working in HR, Chloe decided that the time was right for a change, and Diagnostic Radiography is her new chosen career, one for which she is passionate about. Chloe really enjoys the diversity of diagnostic radiography and is excited to see what opportunities await her in her new chosen career. Chloe enjoys helping other students and is happy that her role within the SoR Student Forum has given her the opportunity to do this further.

        • Communications Officer

          Ben Potts

          Ben Potts is a 1st year diagnostic radiography student studying at Birmingham City University. He was previously a music technology academic, graduating with a PhD in 2018 after gaining a scholarship in computer music composition. He has also completed an MSc in audiology, which gave him some insight into the clinical field. However, the mix of patient care, science, technology and working with bigger bones, has led him to radiography! Ben believes in the importance of student voices and is determined to show no one is “just a student”. He is passionate about mental health and wellbeing and is currently on a fitness journey running his way around the streets of his native Birmingham.