Recorded Student Webinars

Find all recorded content from our ongoing Student Series and the Student Welcome Month 2021 on this page.

Student Series Recordings:

British Sign Language for the Future Radiographer
Wednesday 1 June

The session is led by Anthony Sinclair of Sign Source, who has been teaching sign language related programmes for over 15 years. He believes that knowing sign language can open up many opportunities for people and introducing a bilingual language model will only serve to make us a better, inclusive and smarter society.  This session will cover the general need for deaf awareness, and you’ll hear first-hand experience from a deaf radiographer, who will outline further considerations when dealing with deaf patients and colleagues. 

Discussing Dissertations
Tuesday 5 April

This session will see our new panel of students and professionals take your questions about that big final year project. We share advice and tips for getting ahead with your research, and how to keep moving forward through your workload while looking after your wellbeing.

Be Exam Ready
Thursday 24 March

This session will see a panel of students and professionals offer inclusive tips and advice to suit students from all backgrounds, as well as encouraging healthy wellbeing practices as we prepare for the final semester of the year.

Student Welcome Month Recordings:

Welcome to Student Welcome Month
Tuesday 5 October 2021

SoR President Claire Donaldson opens our month-long series of events with an inspirational presidential address. SoR’s students & new professionals officer Nichola Jamison provides a rundown of the month’s events, and student forum chair Chris Gibson will share his insights as a student representative.

The Big Membership Event
Wednesday 6 October 2021

Hear about what we can offer to radiography students, from year one through to qualification and beyond. Current student members chat about the opportunities and experiences they have been able to access through SoR and Carmel from the membership team is available for all your membership queries.

Be Study Ready
Tuesday 12 October 2021

This informative session led by a fantastic student panel will provide you with recommended reading and useful resources to manage your workload plus other additional support. Peer support is fundamental to our approach, making sure you are study ready!

The Power of Reflection
Thursday 14 October 2021

Chris Gibson, student forum chair and Gill Harrison, SoR’s professional officer (ultrasound) lead this insightful session on the power of reflection in everyday practice, emphasising its impact on wellbeing and growth.

Be Placement Ready
Wednesday 20 October 2021

Our student panel take on all of those (not so) silly questions you want to ask on the run up to clinical placement. How do I make the most of my time? How can I be a better team player? WHAT SHOES DO I WEAR??? We have the answers, making sure you are placement ready!

What to Expect: Modality Rotation
Thursday 21 October 2021

Now that you’re out on placement, you will be anticipating those rotations into different departments.
Sarah Downing, a second year radiography student, will be putting your questions to a panel of experts from MRI, CT, ultrasound and radiotherapy. A great opportunity to find out more about your profession!

I Have a Degree, Now What?
Wednesday 27 October 2021

This session looks at the wide world of opportunities available to you, band 5 and beyond. Hear from leads in research, careers outreach, education and development. Maybe you’ll find that dream pathway… You’re ready!

Student to Radiographer: A Final-Year Membership Event
Thursday 28 October 2021

Now that you’re almost a qualified radiographer (yes, you are!), you will be wondering what’s next in your membership journey.

In this session, workplace representatives, regional officers and our membership team will answer your membership queries. Students and new professionals officer Nichola Jamison will also be on hand to chat through what comes next on your journey as a new professional!

Find out more about the speakers who took part in Student Welcome Month below.

Student Welcome Month: Speaker Biographies