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Stamp out Bullying!


According to two surveys by the SCoR, bullying remains a problem for many. No one is immune. Whether you're a student, assistant, radiographer or a manager.

The SoR's 2013 survey on bullying revealed that more than 40% of respondents have been subjected to incidents of bullying and harassment at work in the past two years.

The issue of bullying has also featured high on the agenda at the SoR's Annual Delegates Conference. In 2012, members stood to pledge their support for our 'Stamp Out Bullying' campaign.

Bullying doesn’t only happen in schools and colleges. According to Acas, thousands of adults have suffered its effects, in a wide variety of settings and, often, in the workplace.

Bullying has been identified as a more crippling and devastating problem than all other work-related stress put together.

Why have we launched this campaign?

We want to raise awareness about bullying and the types of behaviour that is perceived as bullying.

When someone is bullied they can feel isolated. It affects their self-esteem, their relationships and their ability to function well in their everyday lives.

The issue of bullying has been raised by members several times at the Annual Delegates Conference, by students and full-time radiographers. This is an issue that has not yet gone away.

Pledge to support the campaign

We are urging members to pledge their support for this campaign by tackling those who are bullying others.

We are also asking departments to demonstrate their commitment to tackling bullying by signing up and pledging to support the campaign.

If you would like supplies of the 'Stop Bullying' cards, please email:

Please fill out the form below to pledge your support.

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