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Gender Occupational Health and Safety (GOSH)

We assume that health and safety is gender neutral. There are subtle differences and both men and women are exposed to risks at work. 

Unfortunately the impact of gender on both men’s and women’s occupational health and safety is underfunded, under researched and poorly understood although we hear reports about discrimination against new and expectant mothers, their working conditions, how they are treated by work colleagues and employers.

We need to engage with employers to gain a better understanding of the impact of gender (sex) differences on men's and women’s occupational health and safety and use this information to reduce the inequality in our member’s workplaces.

The SoR membership is predominantly female with 23106 female and just 6191 male members. Sadly, there is a perception within health and safety that the risks which may be associated with female dominated industries (mammography for example) are taken less seriously than those in male dominated industries (construction for example), whilst the truth of the matter is they both present very different and valid risks which need to be understood and addressed as soon as possible.

Gender Specific Occupational Health and Safety (GOSH) is promoting everyone’s participation and ensuring the best preventative solutions are selected for all regardless of gender.

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