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Time to Change

Let's end mental health discrimination.

What can we do to end mental health discrimination at work?

At the Society’s Annual Delegates Conference in 2017, members adopted the ‘Time to Change - Let’s End Mental Health Discrimination’ campaign. 

Now - let’s do it!

Talking about mental health at work can be daunting: people may worry about how they will be treated and how colleagues will react. 

The Time for Change campaign has created a series of resources for employers and employees to make it easier to get started and help work to be a ‘safe place’ for people to talk about mental health. 

And if people are affected by mental illness issues themselves, so they can feel that they can talk to their employer and colleagues without stigma, or worrying that they will be treated differently, or will be discriminated against.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Be a workplace Time to Change Champion

As a Time to Change Champion, you can make a real difference to your workplace culture and to the lives of your colleagues.

Get colleagues talking and thinking about mental health

Social media, information sharing, speaking up, workplace workshop, be a point of contact, run an activity, write an article for Synergy News - there are lots of ways to get involved.

This Time to Change campaign page has lots of ideas and resources. 

Employer/Department Pledge

Talk to your manager about a department commitment to change how we think and act about mental health in the workplace and make sure that colleagues who are facing these problems feel supported.

Realising that this may not always be quite that easy, Time for Change have put together resources and tips to help get an employer onside and happy to be involved

Supporting your colleagues

The most difficult challenge for someone with mental illness, or if their life is affected by someone close to them who is unwell, is worrying what colleagues and their manager will think and how they will react.

It is vital that people feel they can say “I’m struggling”, or “I need support” without having to worry about the consequences, or feeling that there is a stigma.

You can help create the environment at work that stops discrimination happening.

Support for you

Time for Change has advice and suggestions about what to do if you believe you are being treated unfairly at work and, if necessary, your legal rights and what support is available. 

The Society has produced workplace posters and takeaway cards to raise awareness of the Time for Change campaign and resources. You can request copies or download them below. 

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