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Most people during their working life will encounter at least one colleague or family member who has been diagnosed with cancer. They will need support not just from their families but from their employer, industrial or health and safety reps but their friends.

The SoR has compiled a list of information which may be useful whether you or your colleagues need help, advice or guidance and practical support.

More in-depth information can be found at the Macmillan Website, or they can be contacted Monday to Friday 9am – 8pm on 0800 808 00 00

The SoR have been granted permission from Macmillan to use the following links:

I’ve just been diagnosed with cancer:

What is cancer?

How cancers are diagnosed:

How is cancer treated?

Planning your finances:

Housing Costs:

Common Terms and what they mean:


Sources of support:

Work and cancer:

Talking to your employer and colleagues:

Working during treatment:

Your rights at work:

Reasonable adjustments: