Union Learning Reps (ULR)

The role of the ULR is to facilitate a culture of learning within the workplace which leads to improvements in service delivery and patient care.

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In This Section

What does a Union Learning Rep do?

The Society & College of Radiographers recognises that it has an important role to play in supporting the education, lifelong learning and personal and professional development of our members. The Union Learning Representative, or ULR, role is an important part of the support we provide.

Radiography is continually evolving to meet service demands and to keep pace with technological and medical change. Radiographers must ensure their knowledge and skills are kept up-to-date in order to demonstrate their fitness to practice, to improve their career prospects and, most importantly, to improve the quality of care they provide to patients.

ULRs are well trained and well placed to provide support, encouragement and guidance to members. It is a role which will develop according to your needs and those of the members. The following list is not exhaustive but the role may include:

  • Developing a culture of learning in the work place;
  • Offering advice and identifying the learning needs of members;
  • Planning and supporting the members’ CPD;
  • Working to improve the access to learning and resources;
  • Supporting members to use CPD Now so they may plan, undertake and record CPD in accordance with the College’s recommendations and satisfy the needs of the employer and HCPC.

There are added benefits to the organisation too. Research has shown that increased workplace learning increases skill and productivity, job satisfaction, staff morale and has a positive impact on recruitment and retention.


The ULR Induction Course

We aim to give the new Union Learning Representative the confidence, tools and skills to enhance the learning culture of their work place. This is much easier to say than do but the feedback we receive from ULRs is very encouraging.

The course continues to evolve but the core elements of the programme are:

  • Your rights as a ULR;
  • Learning in organisations;
  • Preparing and conducting a learning needs survey;
  • An in-depth examination of CPD Now;
  • Supporting members to prepare a CPD portfolio;
  • An exploration of CPD resources;
  • Accreditation;
  • Practical presentation skills;
  • An introduction to leadership training;
  • Preparing an action plan for the work place.

As well as improving members’ learning opportunities and educational prospects, you will also develop your own skills and knowledge and be recognised as an asset to the service.

Unionlearn with the TUC

The Trades Union Congress provides additional support and resources for union learning reps through Unionlearn.


CPD Planning Workbook