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CPD policy and guidance

CPD policy and guidance documents

The following publications set out the Society's policies with regard to CPD and continuing learning - you might find the summary helpful if you are looking for specific information.

A Strategy for Continuing Professional Development 
This document defines the Society's expectations of members and their employers with regard to CPD and sets out the Society and College's responsibilities to support members with CPD and life-long learning. Although published in 2003, it still remains the cornerstone of the Society's CPD policy.

A Strategy for Practice Development in Radiography 
This document defines practice development within the context of medical imaging and radiation therapy and makes a number of recommendations to be implemented by clinical departments to enable all staff to engage with the CPD and evidence-based practice/research agendas.

Continuing Professional Development: Professional and Regulatory Requirements
This document (published in 2008) updates the College's definition of CPD and sets out the professional requirements for all members to undertake CPD. The mechanism for CPD accreditation is defined and explained. Guidance and advice is given for managers wishing to ensure that their staff undertake CPD effectively. The differences between the professional (ie, College) expectations and the regulatory (ie, Health Professions Council) requirements are explained.


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