What happens if a concern is raised against me?

Published: 31 October 2016 Ezine

The HCPC has launched revised guidance on what happens if a complaint is raised against you.

The document provides information about the process a case will go through and the possible outcomes in the event a concern is raised about your fitness to practise.

New revisions to the document include:  

  • a new ‘What should I do’ section with information on communicating with the HCPC and contacting union or professional body representatives during an investigation; 
  • further information about initial enquiries and the standard of acceptance; 
  • further information about consent orders and discontinuance; 
  • a new pre-hearing timeline; 
  • a new section called ‘After the hearing’ which provides information about the publication of decisions; reviews and appeals; and 
  • information about the feedback process.

Download the guidance