New professional officer for radiography careers

Therapueutic radiographer Michelle Tyler has experience of different healthcare settings

Published: 25 January 2021 SoR | CoR

The SoR is delighted to announce the appointment of Michelle Tyler as Professional Officer for Careers Promotion and Outreach. This important new role for the Society will see Michelle focus on the promotion of radiography careers.

Michelle is a therapeutic radiographer with over 25 years of experience working in the NHS and nearly 10 years specialist expertise in university and clinical settings. 

Most recently, Michelle was seconded to the SoR as the Professional Outreach Officer focusing on boosting therapeutic radiographer recruitment, and then including the wider allied health professions. Working on the Strategic Interventions in Health Education Disciplines programme (SIHED), Michelle played an integral part in the success of the ‘I See the Difference’ campaign.

The three-year initiative looked to build recruitment pathways for four key allied health professions - therapeutic radiography, prosthetics and orthotics, podiatry, and orthoptics. The programme then expanded to include all allied health professions.

Targeting young people in schools and college, as well as mature students, the I See the Difference campaign created a pool of resources to support the delivery of careers outreach education across the UK.

Due to the pandemic, Michelle also delivered a virtual outreach programme that featured live webinars with Q&As for a variety of audiences (year 9 and up) within schools, as well as teachers, advisers, parents, the mature market and AHP specific webinars. These events proved extremely popular, with approximately 3,000 members of the public attending the webinars.

Commenting on the appointment, Charlotte Beardmore, SCoR Director of Professional Policy said: ‘Michelle has been an amazing asset to the organisation throughout her secondment and she will continue to be so in this new role.

‘Strengthening opportunities and supporting individuals who want to come into the profession, Michelle will look to enhance our outreach activities across traditional and new routes into radiography, including the apprenticeship and return to practice pathways.’

Michelle said: ‘I’m really passionate about our profession and I enjoy supporting individuals finding their natural strengths to perform at their best. Outreach is extremely important, as we know we need to grow our workforce. We need to have enough trained staff to ensure patients, their families and friends receive the important diagnostic investigations and radiotherapy treatments and provide compassionate care for everyone in the UK.’