Student Welcome Month Speaker Biographies

Find out more about our speakers for Student Welcome Month

  • Professional Officer - MRI

    Alex Lipton

    Alex is a Diagnostic Radiographer by background with extensive experience in imaging, and imaging service delivery with a particular passion for MRI. She has been in post as a professional officer for the professional and educational team at the society of radiographers for 11 years. It's a broad scope role but her particular areas are in supporting senior service diagnostic imaging managers, leading for the organisation on all aspects related to cross sectional imaging with a focus on MRI, management of the MR advisory group and the lead for the organisation on the Quality standard for Imaging. The role includes advice and guidance for members, production of standards and guidance. Developing educational resources such as a bespoke training for future radiography managers and leaders, developing the programme for the national conference for radiology managers.

    • Second Year Diagnostic Radiography Student

      Ben Potts

      Ben Potts is a 2nd year student diagnostic radiographer, studying at Birmingham City University. He is the vice-chair of the Society of Radiography Student Rep Forum and the student advisor to the Health Education England AHP Placement advisory board. In 2021, Ben was selected to join the Council of Deans of Health's student leadership program, #150 Leaders. He was previously a music technology academic, graduating with a PhD after gaining a scholarship in computer music composition. Ben was attracted to radiography by a desire to help and care for people, and a lifelong fascination with technology. He believes in the importance of student voices and is dedicated to improving student wellbeing and experience. He is passionate about research, music and running.

      • Therapeutic Radiographer

        Btesam Tabet

        Newly Qualified Therapeutic Radiographer and recent graduate from City University of London. SCoR new professionals forum member.

        • SoR staff


          Carmel Montanarini

          Carmel has been part of the membership team for over 11 years. Her work focuses on developing and enhancing the student experience alongside providing support to all members who join the Society.

          • National Officer for Wales

            Caroline Hurley

            Caroline is a Diagnostic Radiographer who qualified from University College of Medicine in 2004. Her first post as a Radiographer was at Morriston Hospital in Swansea where she worked for 18 months as a general radiographer. She then moved to Gibraltar and worked at St Bernards' Hospital for 18 months before returning to Wales to work as a locum. She returned to Morriston Hospital as a Band 6 radiographer. Caroline has experience in general radiography, CT, Nuclear Medicine, Interventional Radiography and Cardiac. With 6 years’ experience as a local IR representative, Caroline joined the SoR team as National Officer for Wales alongside Kevin Tucker back in April 2021. Caroline continues to work 2days a week at Morriston Hospital as a Senior Radiographer alongside her role with the SoR.

            • SoR staff

              Second Year Postgraduate Radiotherapy Student

              Charli Parvin

              Charli is a second year postgraduate radiotherapy student at the University of Liverpool. She is also a Student Rep and on the EDI working group for the student representative group.

              • Second Year Diagnostic Radiography Student

                Chris Gibson

                Chris Gibson is a second year Diagnostic Radiography student at Canterbury Christ Church University. He is the current chair of the Society of Radiography's Student Forum as well as the Wellbeing working group lead. Chris made a career change to Radiography after 10 years as a science teacher. Chris hopes to promote wellbeing amongst students and support its integration into daily routines. He is also interested in the rise in AI within Radiography.

                • President of the Society and College of Radiographers

                  Claire Donaldson

                  Claire is the current president of the Society and college of radiographers. They are a diagnostic radiographer with 16 years’ experience and a passionate advocate for the work of radiographers at every level within healthcare and healthcare education. During their clinical practice they have spent some time working in CT and MRI, however the majority of their career has been spent in general radiography and in more recent years they have taken on leadership and managerial roles. They are a superintendent radiographer with a mix of clinical and managerial duties, including supporting the clinical education of radiography students in collaboration with the Higher Education Institutions. They are a student assessor and work closely with both the universities local accredited practice educators to ensure the provision of an excellent practice placement experiences. A passionate advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion they are working closely with both the SoR and the CoR on their commitments to become anti-racist organisations.

                  • Professional Officer - ELF

                    Dorothy Keane

                    Dorothy spent her early career as a paediatric radiographer before working as a reporting radiographer from 2000. Dorothy was a consultant radiographer from 2003 to 2014. In 2002 Dorothy developed a system of written image interpretation which replaced the red dot system and dramatically reduced the rate of missed fractures in the emergency department. Dorothy is committed to the education of radiographers and other health professionals to improve their interpretation skills and enhance patient care. In June 2011 Dorothy was elected to Fellowship of the College of Radiographers in view of her outstanding contribution to the science and practice of radiography and was awarded an MBE for her services to radiography in 2018 Dorothy currently works as a Professional Officer for the College of Radiographers in her role as Clinical Lead and Editor of the Clinical Imaging e-learning project

                    • Therapeutic Radiographer

                      Elise Woodbridge-Colella

                      Elise is a newly qualified Therapeutic Radiographer. She has been the 2020-21 Chairperson of the Society of Radiographers' UK Student Representative Forum. During this work, Elise has enjoyed being actively involved in supporting students nationally on placement, particularly through Covid-19 uncertainties. As a '150 Leaders' alumnus, her experience allowed her to demonstrate leadership in a student team, working to strengthen the student radiography voice. As a recent graduate, she brings to the panel a link between the student and new professional journey. Elise has a range of experiences to draw from, having attended placement at three very different radiotherapy departments. She also brings experience of working with new and prospective students, to prepare them for what to expect.

                      • SoR staff

                        Professional Officer - Ultrasound

                        Gill Harrison

                        Gill is a radiographer and sonographer with over 30 years' experience in clinical practice and education. She was Associate Professor, Ultrasound Programme Director and Lead for Teaching Excellence in the School of Health Sciences at City, University of London before starting work at the SCoR in March 2020, as Professional Officer for Ultrasound. She has been involved with ultrasound in many capacities, including as a lead accreditor and training lead for CASE (Consortium for the Accreditation of Sonographic Education), chair of the Health Education England Sonographer Training Group, external examiner for ultrasound programmes, external advisor and obstetric ultrasound editor for the College of Radiographers and Health Education England elearning for healthcare clinical imaging modules. Gill has a keen interest in coaching, having been a leadership coach at City and is currently a coach on the Council of Deans #150 Leaders programme.

                        • Final Year Diagnostic Radiography Student

                          Jessica Rush

                          Hello, my name is Jessica Rush. I am a first-year diagnostic radiographer studying at Ulster University. I am passionate about students keeping on top of their mental health and practising self-care, especially during this unprecedented time. I decided to make a social media platform to promote diagnostic radiography as a career. I noticed a lot of people did not know exactly what radiography entailed. ''Oh, you take X-rays, don't you?'' they would say, diagnostic radiography is just so much more than that! So, I decided to take this on myself to build awareness around diagnostic radiography and the different aspects of it. I document my day-to-day life as a first-year student learning in this new world of covid. I enjoy educating my followers about diagnostic radiography and also sharing tips to avoid burn out. I am currently a student rep for first year radiography students within Ulster University, and a member of the SoR UK student representative forum.

                          • SoR staff

                            Senior Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University

                            Jo McNamara

                            I am a Sheffield Hallam University graduate, qualifying in 2004 as a Therapeutic Radiographer. I worked clinically at Leicester Royal Infirmary and Weston Park Hospital, where I worked in a wide range of areas including IGRT, Femcare, patient information and support, research and practice education. I became a Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University in 2008 where I have developed my passion and expertise around recruitment, retention and workforce development. I am a module leader for preparation for practice, where I support students in developing their CV, professional profile and employability skills. This past year I have been working for Macmillan two days a week as the National Therapeutic Radiography Clinical Fellow. This fellowship has provided me with extensive experience in managing a large projects, working across organisations, co-ordinating teams and undertaking research. I've also developed knowledge around the skills and knowledge of therapeutic radiographers working in and across the oncology pathway. In my spare time I am an Action Radiotherapy Champion and do lots to help improve provision of radiotherapy services nationally.

                            • Final Year Diagnostic Radiography Student

                              Jonathan Kennedy

                              Jonathan Kennedy is a final year Diagnostic Radiography student at Ulster University, Jordanstown, Northern Ireland. Prior to studying Radiography, Jonathan was a support engineer for a software company. Some of his interests include rugby, water sports and playing drums.

                              • Senior Lecturer, University of Cumbria

                                Lorelei Waring

                                Lorelei trained as a radiographer at Salford College of technology, qualifying with a DCR (R) in 1992, she returned to the rebranded ‘Salford University’ to undertake ultrasound training and gained her PgDip in medical ultrasound in 1997 followed by her MSc in 2017 from the University of Cumbria. She worked as a sonographer across the northwest of England in Manchester, Liverpool and Preston before moving into education in 2012 as a senior lecturer on the postgraduate Medical imaging (Ultrasound) programme at the University of Cumbria. Throughout her time in education Lorelei has maintained her clinical skills in MSK and general medical ultrasound on a self-employed basis and more recently with an honorary contract at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS trust, additionally she undertakes MSK audits and competency assessments.

                                • PROFESSIONAL OFFICER FOR CLINICAL IMAGING

                                  Lynda Johnson

                                  Lynda is Professional Officer for Clinical Imaging at the Society and College of Radiographers. She was a diagnostic radiographer in the NHS for 26 years, the last 11 years of which she worked as a CT Head reporting radiographer. Lynda’s expertise is in CT and advanced practice but she also works alongside Maria Murray who is responsible for radiation protection matters at the SCoR. Lynda represents the SCoR working with joint professional bodies and stakeholder organisations such as the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR), Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), British Institute of Radiology (BIR), Public Health England (PHE) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) on topics such as National DRLs, guidance documents and research projects.

                                  • SoR staff

                                    REGIONAL OFFICER

                                    Marie Bullough

                                    Marie has been a Regional Officer for the SoR for 28 years. She has a wealth of experience in helping members with their employment problems. Marie qualified as a radiographer in 1985 and gained an MA in Industrial Relations in 1993. In 2003 Marie completed a PG Dip in Law.

                                    • Therapeutic Radiographer

                                      Niamh O'Hara

                                      Niamh is a therapeutic radiographer who recently started her first job in Salford after graduating from University of Liverpool this year. She had been an active member of the society since she began studying radiotherapy and held the position of student rep for the North West Council as well as being involved in the Student and New Graduate forums.

                                      • Student and New Professionals Officer

                                        Nichola Jamison

                                        Nichola Jamison is SoR's Student and New Professionals Officer. A therapeutic radiographer, she has previously served as chair of the SoR Student Representative Forum, before graduating from Ulster University in 2020. As a student, she was also part of the 2018 #150leaders cohort, and remains involved with the Council of Deans Student Leadership Programme today as a coach. Outside of university, Nichola pursued a passion for supporting healthcare staff through contribution to the drafting of the NI Cancer Strategy and was also a member of the Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum. In her new role, Nichola enjoys advocating the student voice, and believes strongly in improving engagement, experience and wellbeing for the student workforce, while identifying, and encouraging, leadership in all those she meets.

                                        • Professional and Education Manager

                                          Rachel Harris

                                          Rachel gained her Diploma of the College of Radiographers (Therapy) in 1988 at The Portsmouth School of Radiography. In 1995, she attained a Master of Science Degree in Social Research and then worked at The Plymouth Oncology Centre as the Superintendent Research Radiographer. In 2013, she attained a Doctorate in Clinical Research at The University of Exeter; her thesis explored the research role of consultant radiographers. She has presented her research findings at various multidisciplinary conferences at international level; the results of her work have appeared in numerous journals. In November 2003 she was awarded an honorary medal from the University of Rome and Agostino Gemelli Hospital. Rachel has been a board member of numerous scientific committees of national and international conferences. Since 2000, Rachel's name has been published in Who's Who in the World and since 2002 she has also been noted in both Who's Who in Science and Engineering and Who's Who in Health and Medicine. Rachel joined the Society and College of Radiographers as a Professional Officer in May 2006. She is now the Professional and Education Manager for the SCoR.

                                          • Third Year Diagnostic Radiography Student

                                            Rebecca Dryland

                                            Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca and I am a 3rd Year Diagnostic Radiography student, based at the University of Cumbria

                                            • SoR staff

                                              Second year student therapeutic radiographer

                                              Sally Mieu

                                              Sally Mieu is a 2nd year student therapeutic radiographer currently studying at City University, London, but was previously an IT project manager and ScrumMaster, with a BSc in Anthropology from the University of Kent. After 6 years in IT, a career change into radiography was triggered by a cancer diagnosis in the family. Inspired by the technology, high level of patient care, and knowledge of the therapeutic radiographers at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London, her journey into radiography began. Sally is passionate about improving the patient experience, the empowerment of the student voice, lifelong learning and continuous development. Outside of radiography, her interests include yoga, running, and trying her best to train her dog!

                                              • Second year therapeutic radiography student

                                                Sarah Downing

                                                Sarah is a mature student in the second year of her Radiotherapy and Oncology degree at the University of Hertfordshire, after working in IT Networks and Education for over 13 years. She has been the student representative for her cohort as well as a student representative for the SoR during her first year to support the student voice, winning the Dean's Award "Respect for Others" for her work. Sarah is looking forward to continuing to support her fellow students by being involved with the EDI groups at her University and the SoR Student Forum.

                                                • Final Year Diagnostic Radiography Student

                                                  Shaheen Cassamobai

                                                  Shaheen is a final year diagnostic radiography student, studying at the University of Cumbria. She believes a diagnostic radiography degree is so much more than what meets the eye. It is about being involved in the profession and embracing the opportunities from the moment you start training. Shaheen joined the SoR student representative forum at the end of her first year, and it has helped build the confidence which she previously never had. She believes the student voice can have a huge impact on the profession, and she is determined that it will influence the experiences of a student. Shaheen wishes to continue her involvement in the profession by taking on further leadership roles both as a student and as a qualified health professional.

                                                  • SoR staff

                                                    PROFESSIONAL OFFICER FOR CLINICAL IMAGING

                                                    Sue Johnson

                                                    Sue is a is a diagnostic radiographer working as a Professional Officer in Clinical Imaging at the Society of Radiographers. She is a member of the Professional and Education team. Sue has over 30 years of experience in many areas including general radiography, paediatrics, interventional, service improvement, lecturing and finally management. Sue leads on professional topics including medicines, breast imaging, nuclear medicine and support workers including assistant practitioners. Sue works closely at a national level with colleagues from English government agencies and other stakeholders representing the organisation on matters of workforce and service development. Sue also provides support and professional guidance to SoR members from across the workforce at an individual level. Sue is passionate about supporting people to reach their potential. Her own career has exceeded all of her expectations and she is excited by future opportunities for diagnostic radiographers. Sue has a long association with the Society of Radiographers.

                                                    • diagnostic radiographer

                                                      Tom Welton

                                                      Qualified as a diagnostic radiographer, Tom has worked in multiple modalities including CT, MRI and projectional radiography. Currently Tom is the Lead Practice Educator at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals working in collaboration with the University of Cumbria. Along with Tom's undergraduate commitment, he has multiple other responsibilities including heading Radiography professional outreach, writing and leading the Radiology preceptorship programme and chairing both the Radiology and AHP research champions committees. Along with his work commitments, Tom is also the Northwest council member for the Society and College of Radiographers, sitting on multiple sub groups including the society's student rep forum. Known for a true passion to patient centred working, Tom is an advocate for radiographer professional development and AHP workforce collaborations. He is also a campaigner for mental health wellbeing, particularly in the healthcare setting for professionals.