Student Series Speaker Biographies

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  • SoR staff

    First Year Diagnostic Radiography Student

    Angela Ashcroft

    Angela is a first year Diagnostic Radiography mature student at the University of Salford. After completing a degree in English Literature and History, but with no definite long term career ideas, she began what would become a varied and interesting 12 years in the NHS. This period saw her work in Oncology research, Cancer MDT co-ordination and community palliative care. In 2016 she was successful in obtaining a training position and qualified as an Assistant Practitioner in Mammography, and an accredited AP with the SoR. This role saw her work in community screening units and symptomatic clinics at the Nightingale Centre in Manchester. Inspired and supported by her radiography colleagues at the Nightingale, and with her ambitions to progress into a role with more development and learning opportunities, Angela finally bit the bullet and applied to study Radiography in 2021.

    • Second Year Diagnostic Radiography Student

      Ben Potts

      Ben Potts is a 2nd year student diagnostic radiographer, studying at Birmingham City University. He is the vice-chair of the Society of Radiography Student Rep Forum and the student advisor to the Health Education England AHP Placement advisory board. In 2021, Ben was selected to join the Council of Deans of Health's student leadership program, #150 Leaders. He was previously a music technology academic, graduating with a PhD after gaining a scholarship in computer music composition. Ben was attracted to radiography by a desire to help and care for people, and a lifelong fascination with technology. He believes in the importance of student voices and is dedicated to improving student wellbeing and experience. He is passionate about research, music and running.

      • SoR staff

        Second Year Postgraduate Radiotherapy Student

        Charli Parvin

        Charli is a second year postgraduate Radiotherapy student at the University of Liverpool. She is also a Student Rep and on the EDI working group for the student representative group.


          Chris Gibson

          Chris Gibson is a second year Diagnostic Radiography student at Canterbury Christ Church University. He is the current chair of the Society of Radiography's Student Forum as well as the Well-being working group lead. Chris made a career change to Radiography after 10 years as a science teacher. Chris hopes to promote Well-being amongst students and support its integration into daily routines. He is also interested in the rise in AI within Radiography.

          • Student and New Professionals Officer

            Nichola Jamison

            'Nichola Jamison is SoR's Student and New Professionals Officer. A therapeutic radiographer, she has previously served as Chair of the SoR Student Representative Forum, before graduating from Ulster University in 2020. As a student, she was also part of the 2018 #150leaders cohort, and remains involved with the Council of Deans Student Leadership Programme today as a coach. Outside of university, Nichola pursued a passion for supporting healthcare staff through contribution to the drafting of the NI Cancer Strategy and was also a member of the Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum. In her new role, Nichola enjoys advocating the student voice, and believes strongly in improving engagement, experience and wellbeing for the student workforce, while identifying, and encouraging, leadership in all those she meets.

            • SoR staff

              Second Year Therapeutic Radiography Student

              Sally Mieu

              Sally Mieu is a 2nd year student therapeutic radiographer currently studying at City University, London, but was previously an IT project manager and ScrumMaster, with a BSc in Anthropology from the University of Kent. After 6 years in IT, a career change into radiography was triggered by a cancer diagnosis in the family. Inspired by the technology, high level of patient care, and knowledge of the therapeutic radiographers at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London, her journey into radiography began. Sally is passionate about improving the patient experience, the empowerment of the student voice, lifelong learning and continuous development. Outside of radiography, her interests include yoga, running, and trying her best to train her dog!

              • Second Year Therapeutic Radiography Student

                Sarah Downing

                Sarah is a mature student in the second year of her Radiotherapy and Oncology degree at the University of Hertfordshire, after working in IT Networks and Education for over 13 years. She has been the student representative for her cohort as well as a student representative for the SoR during her first year to support the student voice, winning the Dean's Award "Respect for Others" for her work. Sarah is looking forward to continuing to support her fellow students by being involved with the EDI groups at her University and the SoR Student Forum.

                • final year diagnostic radiography student

                  Shaheen Cassamobai

                  Shaheen is a final year diagnostic radiography student, studying at the University of Cumbria. She believes a diagnostic radiography degree is so much more than what meets the eye. It is about being involved in the profession and embracing the opportunities from the moment you start training. Shaheen joined the SoR student representative forum at the end of her first year, and it has helped build the confidence which she previously never had. She believes the student voice can have a huge impact on the profession, and she is determined that it will influence the experiences of a student. Shaheen wishes to continue her involvement in the profession by taking on further leadership roles both as a student and as a qualified health professional.